Japanese Confectionery Daikokudo

Renewal of a Japanese confectionary shop near the Tama River.
The client is the CEO of a Japanese sweet store known for Ayu-yaki, a sweet in the shape of “Ayu” (a type of fish) which were found swimming in the river at the time of the store’s founding, who wanted to rebrand their products. Other made in-house sweets like the Ningyo-yaki, a sweet made in the shape of a doll, and Kyogen Senbei, a rice cracker that varied in design depending on the season, were also rebranded to match the newly renovated store.
The previously separate manufacturing factory was relocated to the new building so that the manufacturing process can be seen directly from the store. Since the Ayu-yaki is made by hand with a metal mold, a separate room to show the manufacturing process was built at the front of the store so that the scent of the baking sweets spread throughout the interior and the identity of the store could be experienced through the senses.
Additionally, the store has been carefully designed to be a simple Japanese interior to avoid alienating the regular customers who have been visiting the store for years.

あゆ焼き 大黒堂


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