BizReach Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi Office

The project is an office designed for Biz Reach, based in Shibuya, where leading Japanese IT Venture businesses gather to meet. The client requested a design for an office that differed from current office design trends. In any standard office, the staff is often surrounded by wallpaper, computer mouse, keyboards and pens. The compact working spaces enveloped between the interior and the exterior environments, from a barrier which censors the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.
To break free from the monotonous spaces of a traditional office, the renovation sought to create a feeling of being in a garden. The renovation accomplishes this task by incorporating a large stone to function as a reception desk, 150 years old Japanese white pine trees, tree bark walls, and a mirror film ceiling to symbolize the reflection of the sky. The feel and smell of the various organic and unique materials are visually and sensationally dynamic. The stagnant feeling of spending long hours in the office are offset by the blooming flowers, falling leaves, the smell of cedar and cypress, the different textures in the stone. The renovation serves to generate new experiences for those who work here.

Project name: BizReach Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi Building
Address: Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi Building 6th floor, 3-28-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Program: Office
Construction: Tokyu Land Corporation. / Anachro Co., Ltd. / Uniontec co.,ltd.
Floor area: 700.82㎡
Completion: 05/2019
Photographer: Nao Takahashi

ビズリーチ 渋谷新南口オフィス



プロジェクト名:ビズリーチ 渋谷新南口ビル
施工:東急不動産株式会社 / 株式会社アナクロ / 株式会社ユニオンテック

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