We were consulted on the idea of creating a bar based on the concept of a sake called ‘kokushu’, which is made in Japan.

Alcoholic drink has been produced spontaneously in many parts of the world. In Japan, sake, a brewed liquor made from rice, and shochu, a distilled liquor made mainly from rice, barley and potatoes, have been produced.

Sake represents local culture, and descriptions of sake appear in ancient texts such as the Kojiki ; Japan’s oldest surviving historical account and was completed in 712.

How to create a bar that embodies such Japanese climate, history and culture?

The idea was then to bring together textured materials with different stories to form a single space with the counter at its centre.

In addition to the timbers I have collected for some time, the materials from different parts of Japan, each with a different time and story – rafters from a temple in Nara, pillars from a private house in Kanagawa, boards from a townhouse in Kyoto, shelves from a house in Nagano, shingles from a temple in Yamagata, bamboo from a thatched roof and floor boards from a private house in Nagano – were gathered under a sloping roof-like ceiling and replaced with elements and functions different from their original.

Textured materials with different stories emerged and came together to create a space centred around the counter.

The history and culture of the various regions of Japan are mixed with these materials, which are unique, creating a space where you can feel the time that the materials have passed through without being aware of it.

Project name: Folklore
Address: 1-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho Hibiya OKUROJI G27, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Program: Bar
Construction: SET UP Co., Ltd.
Floor area: 38.51㎡
Completion: 05/2022
Photographer: ad hoc Co., Ltd. Daisuke Shima










住所:東京都千代田区内幸町1‐7‐1 日比谷OKUROJI G27
撮影:株式会社adhoc 志摩大輔

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