Ginza Fujita

Materials and techniques that express Japanese cuisine.

The first independent restaurant in Ginza, where many famous Japanese restaurants are located, by a chef who has trained in renowned restaurants.
We have created two types of space where the materials and techniques are utilized, just like the elements of Japanese cuisine: confronting the ingredients and high technique.

The first space is an authentic counter seating area that follows the image of a traditional Japanese restaurant, with a solid counter made of a single piece of cypress wood and a ceiling board made of cedar several 300 years old, using an ochre-coloured clay called juraku clay, which is considered the highest quality, to create an elegant and clean space.
The second room was designed as a chef’s kitchen with seating facing the kitchen, and as a VIP room it was designed to be different from what is imagined in Japanese cuisine.
In this room, Akita cedar is used for the counter and the ceiling is made of cedar called jindai-sugi, which was buried in the ground more than 2,000 years ago and dug up in modern times; the walls are plastered with a mixture of black earth and poly-glazed clay, and custom-made black Japanese paper fittings are used to create a black space with a sense of various times.

The space combines the bright cleanliness of the cypress counter and juraku clay as an expression of purity, and the space combines materials from different eras, from centuries to millennia, with the stainless steel that makes up the kitchen and lighting.
This restaurant, with its space that traps time, is already attracting a lot of people.

Project name: GINZA Fujita
Address: 7-5-15 Ginza GINZA AG1 Building 2F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Program: Restaurant
Construction: Ajima Co.,Ltd.
Floor Area: 57㎡
Completion: 04/2022
Photographer: NAKANO Yukihide







住所:東京都中央区銀座7-5-15 銀座AG1ビル 2F
撮影:株式会社SKYLAB 中野幸英

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