K Residence

A renovation of a vintage condominium in Ebisu.
Since the client spends about half of the year in various countries overseas for work, a space where the client could feel the the unique qualities of Japanese architecture when returning to home.
Since the building was renovated many times as apparent the various pipes which ran through the original flooring, the height to the ceiling was considerably low. In order to remedy this issue, the original floor was removed to the slab while the floor of the dining area was changed to be finished as a slab.
The floor material is made of solid wood with a width of 300 mm from Yoshino cedar, which has been hand-processed with chestnuts to improve the feel of the time spent barefoot and to allow you to enjoy changing the material by walking.
The bedroom is separated from the bedroom by a large shoji screen, and when it is released, the living room as a small rise is expanded.
Since it is on the first floor, I made a deck so that the floor seems to continue to the outdoors, and made a small Japanese-style garden in the garden. Since the neighboring buildings and fences can be seen in the upper part, the line of sight is cut out by shoji screens, and the fallen leaves and flowers that overlap on the moss are produced underneath to create a connection with the outside nature.



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