KameManNen Kagurazaka Branch

The project is a design for the oldest existing eyeglass brand in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, a region in Japan known for the production of eyeglass. As a historic manufacturer specializing in titanium and fine details, KameManNen is a renovation project of an apartment near Kagurazaka Station which utilizes materials, craftsmanship, and Japanese design to correlate the architectural design to the product.
By using Echizen Japanese paper and diatomaceous earth,the focal point of the design was to create soft curves in every corner of the space giving the interior a softening impression.
In addition, the entire space uses cedar, which is the most familiar and delicate in Japan, and uses a unique place in Japan. 300 year old natural cedar was used for tables, counters, and furniture. A 5 meter long solid Yoshino cedar was used for the countering.
By utilizing solid Japanese cedar, the architectural design correlates with the store’s name and traditional Japanese saying “turtles live for ten thousand years”. The brand name refers to the concept of using an item for a lifetime through careful maintenance. As the store ages, the Japanese cedar will grow to further develop the space.

Project name: KameManNen Kagurazaka Branch
Address: 30 Yokoteramachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Program: Store
Construction: Mitsui Construction Firm
Floor area: 42.3760㎡
Completion: 08/2018
Photographer: ad hoc inc. Daisuke Shima



撮影:株式会社adhoc 志摩大輔

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