Komagome SOKO

Renovation to a private gallery of a private house near Komagome Station on the Yamanote Line.
The original building was a mysterious L-shaped space, as if two buildings were connected in the back.
Initially, there were several issues due to leaks and the inclination of many floors, but the owner of the building was invested in reforming the building into a successful gallery
The client was one of Japan’s leading contemporary art galleries, and he planned to rent this place to revive it not only as his own gallery, but also as a warehouse, atelier, office, event space, and gallery for many contemporary art professionals.
After the plan was decided, the original building was cleared to repair the leaks and damaged parts of the structure.
The unique elongated space with a width of 3.5m and a depth of 35m is designed to be used as an event space with a kitchen and a counter. A terrace was set up on the roof of the first floor on the façade side, and the glass top plate of the terrace table became the skylight of the gallery and was designed so that the top and bottom of the terrace could be connected indirectly.
A gallery, a warehouse, an atelier, and a library were created on the opposite side of the L-shape, making it a new place for art professionals to gather.
The ruins, which were damaged due to leak and decay, have been revived as an open art complex.



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