MoyaMoya is a residential project located in the suburb of Tokyo.
The focal point of the project was designed to provide a space for the client to pursue her hobby of studying and dyeing kimonos. The space is also designed to provide a place for the client’s children to grow-and for foreign exchange students once the client’s children move out of their home. The design is built to encourage communication and interaction among the inhabitants.
The shape of the building is a large 9.1 meter square situated on a sloping property which spreads in the north and south direction. Because of the sloped ground, the private spaces were located on the northern side to create a scenic view. An atrium was designed for the studio so that the space is directly connected to the kitchen, allowing the flexibility for the client to accommodate space for a large gathering. To resolve accessibility issues in the future, the client’s bedroom, study room, and other necessary programs are placed on the first floor. On the second floor, the private rooms, Japanese styled room and a living room with a scenic view of Mt. Fuji were designed.
The most significant characteristic of the architectural design is the stainless steel mesh which surrounds the building. By creating an ambiguous space between the inside and the outside of the building, the interior is camouflaged from the exterior. The additional layer of a boundary surface provides an added level of privacy and security.
The stainless steel mesh is layered twice to create a moiré pattern to create an exterior expansion with interior space qualities.
Being swayed by the wind, the stainless steel fence shines and causes a great variety of rippling effect. Due to the changing angle and strength of daylight, the design of the exterior contrasted during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night give a different impression of the house. With the mesh, the time, seasons and weather provide various aesthetics to the project.

Project name: MoyaMoya
Address: Higashikurume City, Tokyo
Program: Residential
Construction: dessence Inc. / TANK Co., Ltd.
Building area: 82.81m²
Floor area: 144.79㎡
Completion: 05/2014
Cooperation: Shinji Sakata Architects
Photographer: Nacása & Partners Inc. Daisuke Shima



施工:dessence Inc. / 株式会社TANK
撮影:株式会社ナカサアンドパートナーズ 志摩大輔

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