Nishiguchisakan Office

This office and showroom stands at an intersection in Ritto, Shiga.

Facing a sloping road, the ground surface rises up to about 2 meters with a retaining wall, making the site look as if it were looking up.The site is located in front of the Ritto Training Center, which is famous for training racehorses.

Plastering is an ancient wall finishing technique used all over the world, in which natural materials such as lime, soil, sand, and natural fibers are combined to create a wall finish using a trowel.
The client planned a plastering showroom in a location where many horse owners and racehorses pass by, with the aim of increasing awareness of the possibilities and range of expression of plastering, which has become less common in recent years with the use of new construction materials and industrial products for finishing, and of improving the value of plastering.
When thinking about what is interesting about plastering, we thought that it is the ability to produce a variety of characteristics, including natural changes such as drying and shrinkage that occur only with wet plastering, free shapes that follow the work area, variations by mixing materials, and finishing by making marks with trowels and molds, pressing, scraping off, and so on. The appearance of the clay has a reddish tinge.
The exterior of the house is made of reddish soil, with a large red curved wall facing the street, giving the impression of a mass of reddish soil.

When you enter the building, you are confronted with a large wall 5 meters high and 10 meters wide. The wall is made of straw-kneaded soil that has been violently contracted to create cracks, giving it a primitive, material-like appearance, called a rough wall.
The white walls are finished by scraping off the calcareous soil with a comb-like tool called “scrape-off,” and the counters are made using various plastering techniques and methods, such as stone grinding, mold making, and pressure piling.
The space also functions as a workshop, where samples can be made, demonstrated, and displayed, and where visitors can learn about the breadth and depth of plastering in a space that has actually been plastered.

Project name: Nishiguchisakan Office
Address: 840-1 Misono,Ritto,Shiga
Program: Office,Showroom







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