Shichu no Sankyo

Shichu no Sankyo is a showroom designed to display Life Space UX, SONY’s new brand based on a concept to develop products which fit seamlessly into daily life activities.
The concept of Shichu no Sankyo, a term used in Japanese tea ceremony to describe a country house located in the center of a city, was chosen as the main concept to serve as an analogy of building a modern Japanese space located in the center of Ginza, Tokyo.
The showroom is designed based primarily on Japanese architectural design. Traditionally, Japanese spatial design can be characterized by the balance of structural members in the horizontal and vertical directions, attention to thermal insulation properties and details which give decorative elements a functional purpose for the space. Rooms in traditional Japanese rooms are on occasion separated with adjustable fittings and an intermediate veranda as a response to the subtropical summer seasons to open the interior space to the exterior.
Immediately upon entering the showroom, a garden with trees to illustrate the change of seasons through the colors of autumn leaves can be experienced. Proceeding further inside, a large table and chairs, a 150-inch 4K single focus projector are installed and functions as a space to mimic a living room and office. A small tea ceremony room with a hanging scroll set is paired with a single focus projector to display art.
By creating an exterior garden space within a building and an indoor living room within a garden, a continuously dynamic space with a seamless transition between the outside and inside environment was created.
All materials are consistent to the traditional images of Japanese design. Horizontal and vertical styles are represented by the shoji (paper layered sliding doors) and the fixture’s lattice. The edges to the various surfaces are aligned to create a unified composition among the various design elements. Using these features as the basis of the design, the concepts of traditional Japanese design have been updated for the modern world.

Project name: Shichu no Sankyo
Address: 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Program: Exhibition
Construction: Gara Co., Ltd./Michikusa Co., Ltd.
Floor area: 250.00㎡
Completion: 10/2016
Photographer: Koichiro Kutsuna




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