Sione Ginkakuji Main Branch

Sione Ginkakuji Branch is a renovation project of an old folk house located near Ginkakuji. The store sells porcelain products made by the client and operates as a cafe using the aforementioned tableware.
Since the building is a mixture of the old and the new materials, the existing clay wall was retained while calcium silicate board was used for the newly constructed partition walls. The new board finish matches the white matte color of the client’s porcelain tableware. The calcium silicate boards were attached using gold-plated screws so that the pitch and height of the screw head were arranged to create an evenly pattered design on the surface of the white wall.
Calcium silicate board is mixed with the plaster finish to match the texture and untreated wood is joined together with old wood. The sparsely located gold screw heads are reminiscent of the appearance of golden dots painted porcelain that changes during the baking of the kiln. As the artist applies the gold finish through a process known in Japan as “kindami”, the gold dots shown from the attachments in contrasted with the simple white background. The aesthetics of the store is a space with a sense of unity, referencing the artistic expression of porcelain.

Project name: Sione Ginkakuji Main Branch
Address: 29 Jodoji Ishibashi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Program: Store
Construction: Iwamura Construction Firm
Floor area: 139.83㎡
Completion: 06/2016
Photographer: Omote Nobutada

SIONE 銀閣寺本店


プロジェクト名:SIONE 銀閣寺本店
撮影:表 恒匡

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