Tokushima University Communication Hub

At Tokushima university, one of the leading national educational institutions in Shikoku island, it is extremely important to share information of agendas, projects and outcomes between staff members. Therefore I intended to create a flexible space to encourage communication.
Originally, the university had a very excluded floor plan. Once you got off the elevator, the hallway, the secretary’s office, the waiting room and the meeting room were all separated from each other and there was no chance of seeing other people unplanned. To start, I removed all this separation and made one whole open space you could see as soon as the elevator door opens.
By removing the partitions and creating one open space, we could eliminate the division, and create the chance for people to connect with each other.
The cafe counter and step-like bench seats are suitable for holding events for large numbers of guests while the layout of the desks are interchangeable for business meetings, you can even divide the space by closing a glass door. It supports various usages.
Materials from Tokushima Prefecture are being used for this space. The tables, shelves and walls are made of cedar wood from the Tokushima prefecture, whose local government has been focusing on funding the production of cedar in recent years, and also made by local craftsmen known as Tokushima’s master. The cedar board used for the wall was painted using a special Japanese indigo which represents Tokushima. The indigo gradation on cedar gives drastic impact into the sight.
The chairs and cushions on benches are also indigo dyed textiles. You can enjoy the Tokushima feel everywhere in this space.

Project name: Tokushima University Communication Hub
Address: 2-24 Shinkuracho, Tokushima City
Program: University
Floor area: 237.00㎡
Completion: 03/2019
Photographer: Kyoko Nishimoto

徳島大学 コミュニケーション・ハブ


プロジェクト名:徳島大学 コミュニケーション・ハブ

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