Yojo-Han in Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

A project to create a tea room at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Originally a carpenter who built teahouses and restaurants called Sukiya, I have been feeling that Japan is losing its culture and traditions every day.
Last year, the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan nominated me as a cultural envoy for a cultural exchange program with other countries, so it was decided that I would be sent overseas. We started a project to create a space that incorporates it and hold a tea ceremony.
The location this time is the design and self-renovation of the Lloyd Hotel guest rooms in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Initially, Sae Yamamoto, the artistic director, consulted with us about building an independent hut outdoors, but due to the harsh climate and the location along the sea, it is difficult to maintain the building, so it will be used while maintaining it for a long time. We decided to self-renovate the guest rooms in the hope that they would change further.
When the room was used with the existing shower installation method, the middle part of the room leading from the entrance to the bed was flooded. I tried to solve the problem by enclosing the shower part with a sliding door and making the passage independent as a narrow Japanese alley space. In addition, the bedroom in the back is a square space of about 9 square meters, which is said to be four and a half mats, and has the elements of a basic tea room with a display space called a tokonoma and a desk called a shoin on the side.
As a material, I had to think about what could be local in the urban area of ​​Amsterdam.
To that end, I decided to collect, process, and create spaces from the old materials used in various buildings 200-300 years ago. I got beams, pillars, and flooring materials such as oak, pine, and teak, rented workshops and processing machines, and started processing using the blades I brought in my baggage. A new surface was cut out from the wood filled with nails with an elevating board, and the nails were driven inside. The new side is finished with Japanese planes, and you can see the old side with its history engraved on one material and the newly finished new side. The tatami mats were obtained in Amsterdam, and the edges were made using the original textiles of Lloyd Hotel in collaboration with local artists. All the materials were obtained in the suburbs of Amsterdam, and almost all the processing and construction were done in collaboration with myself, the hotel staff and artists. The interior of the room is a space that will be added and modified every time I visit, and will be updated little by little.
A tea ceremony was held at the opening reception, and many people were able to experience the tea ceremony, which is a comprehensive Japanese art. By having many people experience a space where Japanese and Amsterdam cultures are mixed while staying, we will deepen our understanding and experience of Japanese culture, and look forward to the day when we will hold an Amsterdam-style hospitality party at the next opportunity.

四條庵 ロイドホテルアムステルダム


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