Yoshinaka Museum

This is a museum dedicated to Kiso Yoshinaka, a warlord from the Heian period who was active about 850 years ago, and his wife Tomoe Gozen.
Built 35 years ago, the building had been in operation since its opening without any updates to the exhibits, and with no historically valuable materials in the collection, the number of visitors to the museum had been declining as the building’s facilities deteriorated, so it was decided to completely renovate and renew it.
We removed the dividing walls of the exhibition rooms and changed the plan to make the space feel more unified by reducing the pillars. The new exhibition room has a temporary wall to make it easier to update the exhibition by changing the layout. In addition, the opening of the wall has been widened.
In addition, the opening in the wall was widened to strengthen the connection with the outside, so that visitors can see what kind of exhibition is being held from the outside.
The finishing touches are made of Kiso cypress, a material that is representative of the region, and there is a space where local products can be displayed and sold, as well as a library space where visitors can learn about Kiso.
It is hoped that not only the statue of Yoshinaka that remains in academic historical documents, but also the traditions such as the human gods that remain in the region will not be lost with the depopulation of the area, but will be made known to many people through this facility, and that it will become a base for nurturing the local culture of traditions.

Project name: Yoshinaka Museum
Address: 290-1 Hiyoshi, Kiso-machi, Kiso-gun, Nagano, Japan
Program: Museum
Construction: Ozaki Construction Co.
Floor area: 262.79㎡
Completion: 07/2021
Photographer: Nishino Masahiro



延床面積:262.79 ㎡

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