BYAKU Narai 113

We designed two new buildings and four new rooms in the auberge “BYAKU Narai” in Narai, Nagano Prefecture, where the cityscape of 200 years ago stretch out for 2 kilometers.

These newly constructed and renovated rooms seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape, originating from buildings that are an integral part of the scenery of the Nakasendo post town, designated as an Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District.
While making use of the old buildings, we planned to create a different landscape and experience for each room by using wood that represents the region called Kiso GoBoku, materials and techniques such as lacquer, woodwork, and glass, and regional design elements in various places. All rooms are equipped with open-air baths, allowing guests to enjoy the sky over the mountains.
Additionally, some rooms feature private saunas.

Full-course meals can be served in the rooms as well as in the restaurant. The accommodations are well-suited for families and groups with small children who seek a private and relaxing experience.

Project name: BYAKU Narai 113
Address: 511 Narai, Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture
Program: Hotel
Floor area: 327㎡
Completion: 04/08/2023
Photographer: NOSIGNER

百-奈良井 百十三

二百年前の街並みが2キロにわたって残る長野県奈良井のオーベルジュ「BYAKU Narai」に2棟4室の新しい部屋をデザインした。



プロジェクト名:百-奈良井 百十三

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