Japanese-style Inn Yumesaki

Renewal of a hot spring inn in Beppu.
When Yumesaki opened, it started as an inn for rent, but with the passage of time, the programming has changed to welcome multiple guests.
However, since the building was designed to be rented as a whole, it was inconvenient for multiple family members and friends to use it because there was no space to enjoy meals and socialize.
In this renovation, the entrance that first welcomes customers were redesigned, the front desk and store were newly created, and as a result, the rebranding altered the image of the inn. There is also a restaurant space where guests can enjoy time to gather and socialize with their families.

The restaurant has changed from a place where there were many small rooms such as the reception rooms, offices, and kitchen into one big space, while the second floor was removed to create a stairwell which created a tall open space.
We have also created a room dedicated to dinner so that the inn can meet the needs of guests who are only interested in the restaurant service.
To make it easier for foreigners and elderly people to stay, we have also created a room with a Western styled bed that is slightly raised from floor level.



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