The pandemic of COVID19 has forced the world to rethink our method of communication and lifestyle. In addition, the realization of a sustainable society with de-carbonization triggered by global warming, how to utilize reserve resources, recycling, reuse, environmental issues, etc. has become a global issue.

What is the universality of life? The question is what it means to satisfy not only convenience but also desires and lifestyles, and what is essential affluence.
Due to the globalization of information via the Internet and the thoughtless development of capitalism that pursues only rationality, it has become completely unrelated to the context that many places in Japan originally had.
A plaza where you can’t feel the difference no matter which station you get off. A cityscape lined with standardized buildings that do not change wherever you go.

Originally, there was a history and culture unique to the region that many people had cultivated over a long period of time while adapting to the natural environment. Once they are lost, they cannot be easily recovered.
Along with nature and the environment, we will create a unique space from the garden and environment that can only be created in this place.
We “excavate” and “rediscover” the history and culture that has been accumulated by the land and people that have been nurtured so far, which have disappeared, disappeared, and are about to be lost. The essence of “editing” and becoming part of the next culture that is spun not only in the past but also in the present. We are creating spaces and works with the aim of creating such new value.

Fumihiko Sano
Architect / Artist

Born on 1981 in Nara Prefecture. Sano began his career as an apprentice as a Sukiya carpenter at Nakamura Souji Komuten in Kyoto. After working at a design office, he created an independent studio in 2011.

Utilizing the construction methods, materials, and sense of space gained from the onsite experience, Sano utilizes the Japanese culture of today as a basis for concepts and designs.

In 2016, he visited 16 countries around the world and carried out a project to create a tea room as a place of hospitality in each location.

Aiming to create new value for the culture of various regions, he continues to carry out cross-disciplinary works in architecture, interior design, product design, and artwork.

EDIDA 2014 ELLE DECO Young Japanese Design Talent, IF DESIGN AWARD 2020 Award, 2016 Japan Cultural Envoy, Dezeen Awards shortlists, FRAME AWARD nominate, IDEA-TOPs nominate, Design and Build Awards, etc.






佐野 文彦
建築家 / 美術家





EDIDA 2014 ELLE DECO Young Japanese Design Talent、IF DESIGN AWARD 2020受賞、2016年度文化庁文化交流使、Dezeen Awards shortlists、FRAME AWARD nominate、IDEA-TOPs nominate, Design and Build Awardsなど

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